Embark on a literary journey that transcends boundaries, as our international book series captures the hearts and minds of readers worldwide. What sets us apart is the unprecedented endorsement from some of the world’s most recognized and respected public figures. Renowned personalities, having delved into the depths of our books, have not only acknowledged their impact but lent their influential voices to champion our cause.

Imagine the ripple effect of having esteemed names endorse a book series dedicated to profound narratives. Their support propels our mission to reshape conversations, foster understanding, and instigate positive change. In a world where influential figures often hold the key to broader awareness, their endorsement becomes a catalyst for reaching diverse audiences.

As these public figures stand with us, endorsing our series, we witness a domino effect of empathy, awareness, and inspiration. Their endorsement doesn’t just elevate the status of our books; it amplifies our collective voice, extending our reach to corners of the globe where impactful stories have the power to spark transformation.

In essence, having esteemed names endorse our international book series is more than an accolade; it’s a commitment to making a difference. Together, with these influential figures, we pave the way for a future where our stories touch the lives of countless individuals, offering solace, understanding, and the hope for a brighter tomorrow.


Robert Mack, a luminary in the realm of positive psychology and happiness coaching, boasting an impressive Ivy League education. As a Celebrity Happiness Coach, Published Author, and Television Host & Producer, Robert’s credentials are nothing short of extraordinary. His illustrious career has garnered not only academic acclaim but also high-profile endorsements from icons such as Oprah, Vanessa Williams, and Lisa Nichols, a testament to the transformative impact of his work. Serving as the Celebrity Love Coach for “Famously Single” on the E! Network for two seasons, Robert’s expertise has graced both mainstream and niche platforms.

Notably, he has taken on roles as a Consulting Producer and On-Camera Expert for “Mind Your Business” on the OWN Network and as the Executive Producer and Host of “Good Morning LaLa Land” on Apple TV and Hulu. His influence extends beyond television, with appearances on major networks including Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS Morning Show, and Access Hollywood. Robert’s insights and wisdom have found a place in the pages of distinguished magazines such as GQ, Self, Health, Cosmopolitan, Well + Good, and Glamour. His holistic approach to happiness and positive living has resonated not only with A-list celebrities but also with diverse audiences seeking inspiration and transformation.


Gena Lee Nolin, a luminary in the entertainment industry, rose to global fame as an esteemed actress on one of the world’s most-viewed TV shows, “Baywatch.” With a staggering weekly viewership of over 9 million, she became a household name, captivating audiences with her talent and charisma. Beyond her iconic role on “Baywatch,” Gena has diversified her career, showcasing her versatility as a TV host, producer, and philanthropist. Her innate ability to connect with audiences seamlessly translated from the sandy beaches of Malibu to the television screens, solidifying her status as a multifaceted entertainment personality. Gena’s impact transcends the realm of entertainment; she is a passionate advocate for mental health. Leveraging her platform, she has become an influential voice in the mental health advocacy space, shedding light on the importance of emotional well-being and fostering conversations.

Not content with confining herself to the screen, Gena Lee Nolin has embraced the role of an international bestselling author, sharing her insights, experiences, and wisdom with a global audience. Her literary contributions extend beyond mere storytelling; they serve as a source of inspiration and empowerment for readers worldwide. In addition to her thriving career, Gena remains committed to philanthropy, dedicating her time and efforts to causes close to her heart. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion, resilience, and using one’s influence for positive change.


The globally recognised transformation expert with an unparalleled impact on the health and fitness industry. With an astounding 150 MILLION users of his transformation programs, Kris stands as the definitive authority in guiding individuals to transform their bodies, regardless of their circumstances. Twice voted the world’s No.1 Transformation expert, Kris Gethin’s influence extends beyond the digital realm. As a world-renowned bodybuilder, IRONMAN finisher, and ultra-marathoner, Kris embodies the pinnacle of physical excellence. His journey includes wearing multiple hats, serving as the CEO of KAGED MUSCLE Supplements, co-founder of the Kris Gethin Gyms franchise, and a sought-after celebrity personal trainer.

Kris’s commitment to spreading fitness knowledge transcends borders, as he travels the globe hosting seminars, workshops, and exhibitions while training the best of the best. Through his video series available online, Kris imparts his expertise, transforming millions of physiques and leaving an indelible mark on the lives of his fans and followers. An accomplished author, Kris has penned numerous bestselling books, including titles such as “Body by Design,” “The Adventures of KAGED MUSCLE,” and “The Transformer.” His innovative DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle) training method has revolutionised fitness routines, contributing to his legacy as a pioneer in the industry.

As the former editor-in-chief for Bodybuilding.com and the director of trainers for Physique Global, Kris has played a pivotal role in shaping the fitness narrative. Now, as the CEO of KAGED MUSCLE, he has propelled the brand to become the highest-rated and reviewed supplement company globally.

His journey is not just about personal achievements; it’s about inspiring and transforming lives on a massive scale. His unwavering dedication to fitness, coupled with his diverse expertise, has solidified his status as an influential figure in the health and wellness domain.


Eden Sassoon is a dynamic force in the realms of beauty, wellness, and entertainment, leaving an indelible mark on Hollywood. As a beauty and wellness entrepreneur, philanthropist, actress, producer, and mental health advocate, Eden seamlessly intertwines her passions to create a legacy of impact. A scion of the iconic Sassoon family, renowned for their influence in the beauty industry, Eden has embraced her heritage while forging her own path. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish herself as a prominent figure in the beauty and wellness sector, where she continues to redefine standards of self-care.

Beyond business acumen, Eden’s foray into the entertainment industry showcases her versatility. As an actress and producer, she has brought her creative vision to life on both the big and small screens, captivating audiences with her talent and storytelling prowess. Eden’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond her professional pursuits. She is a dedicated philanthropist, channeling her energy into various charitable initiatives that reflect her deep-rooted sense of social responsibility. Her advocacy work in mental health further underscores her commitment to destigmatising conversations around mental well-being.

With a magnetic presence, Eden Sassoon stands as a beacon of inspiration, not only for her entrepreneurial success but also for her dedication to holistic well-being. Her journey encapsulates the intersection of beauty, entertainment, and social advocacy, painting a portrait of a woman who leverages her influence to create positive change in the world.

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