The overarching aim of Imperfectly Perfect is to change the face of mental health by dismantling the stigmas associated with it.  These stigmas tear at the very fabric of society where the very elemental courtesies for human decency are forgotten and eroded.

 One stigma utilises a language that proposes that Mental Health starts and ends quickly. Snapping out of it is a phrase often heard as a satisfactory treatment in the torrential battle of mental health disorders that engulf lives.  The scars of mental health disorders are very real and behind a face that from the outside you think is doing okay, there is a conversation we do not want to hear or listen to. 

“Have you ever hated yourself and your life so much that you wanted to kill yourself? I have. [Rob Mack]

Isolated, given labels that epitomize citizens of the world who may lack intelligence, creativity and any sense of positive value, who battle a silent enemy.   Every moment, minute, hour of the day, they fight, fight a battle that leaves them bereft, broken and exhausted

Stop for a moment, if this were someone you loved,  your brother, sister, wife ,  husband or friend how would you champion them in their constant battle.

By changing the culture and challenging the perceptions of Mental Health Awareness, Imperfectly  Perfect captures the essence of humanity by helping the world to see there is a serious issue that has no barrier of fame, fortune, social status, creed, beliefs, ethnicity or age.  Their innovation is centred with founder,  Glenn Marsden who captures the visceral emotion frame by frame, tear drop by tear drop.  Glenn’s heart knows, truly knows the plight through personal experience. With that heart he is breaking ground and forging new paths. 

Join Imperfectly Perfect, and some of the world’s most influential public figures to build a legacy – your legacy that surpasses time. A legacy that provides education, healing, support, advocacy and public awareness so that the conversation around mental health disorders normalises, enabling your children, grand children and future generations to live without stigmas attached to mental health.

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