The Imperfectly Perfect Campaign Book Series is a collection of inspirational stories from those who have overcome adversity, turned their pain into purpose, broken the mould to achieve or inspire change through relentless endeavour. Hailing from across the globe and diverse walks of life, we look for co-authors who are ready to step up and inspire change in the hearts and lives of many.

Does this sound like you?

  • Become an Inspirational co-author and expand your international reach being a part of the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign’s Global Reach alongside celebrity co-authors and kick-start your public speaking career.
  • You have a story and recognise the value of sharing it
  • Becoming an International Author is a lifelong dream of yours
  • You want to publish your own book or launch your public speaking career.

1. You Have A Story And Recognise The Value Of Sharing It

Being an International co-author in the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign’s book series is the ultimate positioning tool to share your story to a global audience, and gain you more credibility and opportunities to position yourself as an inspirational writer and speaker. Not only will you be a part of a global movement which has already impacted over 12 million lives, has the backing of over 500+ of the world’s biggest names, featured on over 150+ International Mainstream Networks and Publications, but you will be featured in our book series alongside one of those recognised and respected Public Figures behind our movement. The story you are sat on, will truly help people and your valuable wisdom and life experiences will change lives.

2. Becoming An International Author Is A Lifelong Dream Of Yours

But without the time, money or audience you keep putting it off. Well, no more waiting, this series is the perfect fit for you. Our series of co-authored books provide people like you, the opportunity to share your story in a book that can not only impact people around the world but also position you to leverage your unique message and escalate your brand. It will also provide you with a ton of exposure and the opportunity to connect to our global community.

3. You Want To Publish Your Own Book Or Launch Your Public Speaking Career

With our own dedicated team, we can also help you go on to publish your own book if that is your next goal and give you the opportunity to launch your public speaking career by partnering with the world’s most influential public figures to build your legacy, create a powerful book for inspiration and impact, and boost your visibility through media interviews and collaborations.

Applications Open For Volume 2

Combining marketing and publishing efforts, our international platform amplifies the reach of your story and positions you alongside influential icons. The endorsement from respected figures in various fields strengthens your narrative’s significance. Moreover, the campaign secures global press opportunities, ensuring international recognition and inspiring a broader audience.

Be Part Of Our Literary Revolution

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