Join Glenn this January in Dubai as he take’s the stage at the Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Expo. This remarkable event promises to be an immersive experience, where Glenn will be sharing invaluable insights, knowledge, and wisdom garnered throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

Alongside Glenn will be a stellar lineup of world leaders, luminaries, and thought leaders, collectively offering a wealth of transformative perspectives. It’s an opportunity to delve into the minds of visionaries shaping the future of business and entrepreneurship.

A true force for change in the global movement for mental wellbeing. Glenn’s achievements, ranging from orchestrating international events and summits to authoring impactful books, have earned him recognition on the world stage. His work has been featured in international publications and networks, and he has delivered keynote addresses around the globe.

Glenn’s ability to bring together support from over 500 of the world’s biggest names underscores his influence and the widespread impact of his endeavours.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a gathering that transcends boundaries and inspires change.

Join Glenn and a host of distinguished speakers at the Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Expo in Dubai this January.

See you in Dubai!

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