“Unfiltered Conversations: Embracing Imperfection And Truth”

Glenn Marsden engages in candid conversations with the world’s biggest names, delving deep into their truths and untold stories. Get ready to see beyond the professions as we uncover the genuine narratives that shape the lives of our extraordinary guests

“Get ready for an exhilarating journey with The Imperfectly Perfect Campaign – a movement that has skyrocketed to become one of Australia’s most sensational and widely-publicised initiatives. Riding the waves of its monumental success, the ImperfectlyPerfect Podcast has become a global sensation, making waves across international media with over 500,000 organic downloads in record time.

Buckle up as we take you on an extraordinary ride through interviews with some of the world’s most influential public figures. Our episodes span the realms of Corporate, Entertainment, Sport, Health, and Wellbeing, featuring riveting conversations with world-class game-changers who are reshaping the landscape in their respective fields.

Picture this: Wim Hof, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Claude Silver, David Meltzer, Ricky Whittle, Scheana Shay, Eden Sassoon, Dr. Uma Naidoo, Angelica Bridges, Jamelia, and the list goes on. These luminaries share their stories, insights, and wisdom on everything from Mental Health and Spirituality to Fitness and Entrepreneurship, delivering a weekly dose of inspiration that will leave you wanting more.

Tune in every week for a front-row seat to the captivating world of The Imperfectly Perfect Campaign, where imperfections meet perfection, and each episode promises to ignite your curiosity and fuel your passion for the extraordinary.”

Unlocking Human Potential
You are the Message. Life Lessons
Tapping into the Quantum Field
Conversations That Matter
Building A Legacy
Unleashing Truth Bombs in Business
Turning The Page: Life Defining Moment
Levels of Consciousness
From Believe To Achieve
The Power Unfiltered Beauty
Fighting Spirit, Living Legacy
The Public Persona vs. The Real Me
From Catwalk to Consciousness
My Life Could’ve Been Very Different
Fame’s Playground
Shark Attack Survivor to StoryTeller
Splash Of Reality
Eternal Impact: Leaving A Legacy Behind
Fitness from Within
Happiness From The Inside Out
Human: Candid Conversations
Bipolar Unmasked
Overcoming All Odds: Pure Determination
Defying Labels: The Unseen Me
Life Is What You Make Of It: I’m Proof!
The Real Reality: Behind The Scenes
Living Unscripted: True Reflections & Faith
It’s All True
A True Heart In A World Of Champions
Food And Mood
Power Of Faith And Possibility
Beating The Odds
Baywatch And The American Dream
Fame: Navigating The Highs And The Lows
This Is My Story
From The Stage To Sobriety
From Actress To Soul Nourisher
The Greatest Showman: This Is Me
Mindful Ambition
Hidden Tears, Visible Smiles

“glenn is by far one of the most engaging hosts that i have encountered on a podcast. always in tune with not only his guests, but his listeners as well. glenn guides both into a synergy of understanding, messaging and clarity”

Claude Silver; Chief Heart Officer | VaynerMedia.